E-Cigs – What You Need To Know

Electronic cigarettes are the best way to control your smoking habit. The ease of use, adaptability and low cost and improved social acceptance has made e cigs one of the most popular alternatives to traditional cigarettes. According to industry watchers, the electronic cigarette market has increased by about 20% in the last two decades with younger customers being the largest percentage of users. According to BBC, more than 700,000 users have already switched over to eletronic cigarettes and the number is expected to double or triple in the coming decade. This switch to vape units is expected to save more than 5 million lives in the UK alone and it could bring down the number of deaths from cigarettes smoking worldwide as well.

So how do I switch over to e cig units?

The process of switching over to an e-cig unit is quite easy. If you are doing this for the first time, we have created a step-by-step guide that should prove helpful.

• Start with a newbie kit. As a new smoker, we recommend you use a starter kit designed for new users. These kits are simple, cheap, easy to use, and replaceable. As a result, if you do not like one kit, you can easily buy another kit and try it out.

• Always stick to local brands. American e cigarette brands are the best way to start smoking electronic kits. This is because local manufacturers know local tastes and they are more likely to produce vapor liquids that mimic popular American tobacco brands or cigarette brands. Chinese vapor brand e-liquid are also available but they are very different in taste and flavoring as they are specifically made for Chinese tastes.

• Cost is important as well. The only problem here is that local Chinese brands are cheap and almost everyone prefers to buy cheap vape liquids. However, for a new smoker, it’s a far better idea to use American brands as they are better in taste and texture.

• Choose one particular type. There are many different types of electronic smoking units available for users. For example, you can choose from cigar –shaped units, penstyle units, mini units, super mini units, and pipe units to start smoking. Apart from outside appearance, the units are also divided into two-part and three-part units and you can choose any one that you like.

• The initial smoking feel may vary considerably. You should know that smoking a cigarette is completely different from smoking a vapor unit. This is because electronic smoking liquid is free of all tar, dangerous compounds, and smoke. The vapor you inhale contains steam and pure nicotine and this can cause a few initial changes in taste and smoking experience. Once you are accustomed to the smoking experience, you can easily increase your nicotine concentration and improve the hit you get from the liquid.

The bottom line

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